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Since its foundation in 1970, the most important flamenco artists of the XIXth and XXth century have performed at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona. Camarón de la Isla , Farruco, Fernanda y Bernarda de Utrera, El Guito, La Tati, Manuela Carrasco, La Yerbabuena, Belén Maya, Israel Galván, Pastora Galván, Remedios Amaya, Chocolate, Turronero, Terremoto hijo, La Susi, La Cañeta de Málaga, Cancanilla de Marbella, Duquende, Farruquito, Miguel Poveda, Marcos Flores, Mayte Martín, Montse Cortés, La Tana or Arcángel are only some of the distinguished names in a list of artists that have left Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona’s audience in awe with their skills.

The historical tablao has been the springboard to stardom for many of the artists born in Catalonia, who have learnt on its stage, maturing as professionals before they became known. Miguel Poveda, currently considered one of the best flamenco singers, if not the best, started his career at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona. He kept learning on its stage since he was 18 years old until he became famous thanks to his acclaimed performance at the International Cante de las Minas Contest, where he won the coveted prize La Lámpara Minera. Many other artists have learnt with the discipline and the values of this house, a cradle of flamenco and university for the rising stars from Barcelona and the rest of Spain.

A good example of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona’s educational labor are many of the Catalan succesful artists that tour Spain both solo or with the best artists and companies that grew up on this stage: Miguel Poveda, Jesús Carmona, José Luis Montón, Juan Ramón Caro, Pedro Sierra, Mayte Martín, Montse Cortés, Duquende, Matías López “Mati”, Morenito de Íllora, Juan Manzano “Coco”, Antonio Campos “Bocaillo”, Joaquín “El Duende” or “El Salao”, among many others.

Managed by a family of artists, one of the distinguishing features of Tablao Flamenco Cordobe is its commitment with the quality of its show. Rather than settle for a standard show,in the historic tablao of Las Ramblas the presence of the best artists is always guaranteed, inlcuding singers, dancers and guitarists. A part from the rising stars mentioned before, the rest of the line up of artists always have been performing in international scenarios before. Furthermore, this line up changes every month, due partially to the artists' agendas and also because this way of working avoids the routine. Enjoy the best flamenco show in the city with the presence of the best artists in their ideal scenario: an authentic tablao flamenco.