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Grand Tasting Festival

You are invited to begin a Gastronomic Tour through the most distinctive recipes of each Spanish region.


Welcome Cocktail
Spanish Priorat wine Sangría with citric and red berries foam.
Juices Cocktail with citric and red berries foam.
Starters served on the table
Selected olives with rosemary from Catalonia. (CATALUNYA)
Dipping Andalusia vegetables pot with chickpeas cream and eatable sand (ANDALUCIA)
Iberian Ham and master slicer show
Extremadura Iberian Ham sliced by a master slicer served with “Pa amb tomàquet”(EXTREMADURA & CATALUNYA)
Hot delicacies served by waiters
Paper cornet of Seasoned Shark’s snack from Cadiz with Majorcan fresh lime mayonnaise (CÁDIZ & BALEARIC)
Paper cornet of Churros with hot chocolate (MADRID)
Cold dishes
Pintxo of Spanish Omelette and Padrón bell peppers (EUSKADI)
Pintxo of Tuna, egg and piquillo pepper (EUSKADI)
Pintxo of crab with prawns, corn and tomato (EUSKADI)
Pintxo of Falafel with mint chutney sauce and sun-dried tomatoes (EUSKADI)
Salads and appetizers
Can of Spanish potato salad with frisée chicory and olive oil caviar (MADRID)
Can of Pulpo a Feira with La Vera paprika seasoning (GALICIA)
Seafood Salmagundi with fresh prawns and vegetables (ALICANTE)
Avocado and tomato salad with corn tortillas (CANARIAS)
Antiox berries salad with goat cheese and varied seeds. (ASTURIAS)
Cantabric Smoked salmon skewer with fresh seasonal fruits lime flavoured(CANTABRIA)
Salmorejo Andaluz
Tomato Andalusian soup with jamon shavings and quail eggs bits (ANDALUCIA)
Hot Dishes
Seafood Paella (VALENCIA)
Vegetables Paella  (MURCIA)
Barcelona style cannelloni with sun-sun-dried tomatoes. (CATALUNYA)
Catalonia style macaroni, topped with bechamel sauce and chicken sausage (CATALUNYA)
Roasted chicken with Catalan sauce and cinnamon fruit comfit. (CATALUNYA)
Veal with Priorat wine stew. (CATALUNYA)
Mini Spanish omelette with chicken brochette Mediterranean species (MURCIA)
Catalan fresh sausage with sautéed white beans and baby green peppers (CATALUNYA)
Monalisa potato pie with meat, vegetables and legumes (ANDALUCIA)
“Piquillo” bell peppers filled with cod (NAVARRA)
White fish with orange sauce (VALENCIA)
Scallops of Santiago with citrus, shrimp, caviar and muslin of peppers (GALICIA)
Potato gratin with cheese and vegetables. (ASTURIAS)
Steamed basmati rice with cinnamon and cardamom (INTERNATIONAL)
Sauté courgettes with fresh Mediterranean herbs and Arbequina olive oil (MURCIA)
Cheese board: Urki, Pink Pepper, Goat Romero, Cheddar, Gouda...
Mini macarons Chocolate
Fondue Fountain with fruits and sweets
Canarian banana fritter’s with chocolate (CANARIAS)
Catalan cream traditional catalan creme brulee, burnt at the time with Carquinyolis (CATALUNYA)
Berries and cream cake
Mini Muffins filled with chocolate or toffee
Homemade chocolate truffles
Grandma’s Spongecake
Assorted homemade cakes
Fruit soup with mind and lime aroma
Included drinks
Red wine “Ermita de Brujes para Tablao Cordobes Flamenco Barcelona”
White wine “Ermita de Burgués”
Draft Beer
Cold drinks
Nespresso Coffee selection
Teas selection
(All included drinks are free and unlimited, we also have a premium wine and spirits list)