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Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona Restaurant

Our Gastronomic Tour, designed by Chef Jordi Narro, is a unique cultural experience in Barcelona. In a tasting tour, you will be able to try 44 traditional delicacies from Catalonia and Spain with the drinks included. All of it in a dining hall with views to Las Ramblas and with a handcrafted decoration made by the official restorers of Granada’s famous palace, La Alhambra. An extraordinary introduction to our culture and an excellent prelude to our show.


Barcelona, one of the capitals of the mediterranean cuisine, is internationally known for its Nouvelle Cuisine. Restaurants such as El Celler de Can Roca, El Bulli or El Racó de Can Fabes are considered sacred places both for foreigner and local gourmands. For our 45th Anniversary, our Chef Jordi Narro, who learnt the trade behind the stoves of these famous restaurants, designed an enthralling Gastronomic Tour through regional delicacies, updated and presented meeting the expectations of the Nouvelle Cuisine standards.

The visitor will enjoy a Gastronomic Tour comprised by more than 44 specialties, with a special focus on “paellas” and all kinds of rice. The Marinated Dogfish Cornet from Cádiz, the Edible Flowers Hummus with Vegetable Crudites typical of Mediterranean cuisine, the traditional “Butifarra amb seques” from Catalonia… Our customers will travel south to have an Andalusian Gazpacho, to the north with some Pintxos from Euskadi, to Galicia to try their fabulous “A Feira” octopus or to Madrid’s Puerta del Sol to feast upon some Churros with hot Chocolate, and last but not least, to Valencia, to indulge in their internationally known Paella.

All of this is presented by an excellent service that will serve and introduce both the meal and the drinks, which are all included. All the gastronomic offer is replenish systematically without limitation, always trying to bring a sensation of abundance and service to the customer.

The finley handcrafted gem that is the decoration of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona manages to reflect a warm environment, very welcoming and, at the same time, exquisite. It is inspired in the Nasrid architecture and décor of Granada’s Alhambra and was reproduced by the official restorers of the Palace with high fidelity. Loyal to what a tablao is, we avoid plastic flowerpots and other non-authentic and clichéd decorations that are far from what a space for flamenco really is.


Jordi Narro, chef

Born in Barcelona, in 1976
He has collaborated with the famed chefs Ferrán Adrià, Jean Luis Neichel and Joan Piqué. More recently, he has participated in some stages at the kitchen of Santi Santamaria’s restaurant “Santceloni” and at the “Celler de Can Roca” with Joan Roca. From 2001 until today he has been the chef of the restaurant “L’Univers Gastronòmic”, located in Barcelona’s Fair premises at the Gran Vía. Mr. Narro’s latest challenge has been his new stage as Nuclo’s chef, where he manages a team of 12 professionals.

Gastronomic Tour

Embark on a gastronomic tour through the flavors of the past and present of Spanish gastronomy.


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Nazari unique traditional decoration with stunning views of Las Ramblas.


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