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Tablao Flamenco Cordobes presents Tablao from Barcelona

Originally, flamenco was born and developed during family reunions, in a intimate environment where they bared their souls with this art. The tablao inherits that legacy, it recreates the environment of those meetings, without microphones nor amplifiers that would distort the brilliant and characteristic sound of flamenco, and where it is possible to experience that critical point of inspiration during the improvisation that we call "Duende". The Tablao is to flamenco what a jazz club is to jazz: the ideal stage to enjoy the most authentic flamenco experience.

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is the only venue in Barcelona managed by a family of artists well-known in the flamenco world. This circumstance provides a robust seal of quality both among the flamenco and tourism professionals. Founded in 1970, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona still maintains the characteristics of an authentic tablao flamenco.

The tablaos are the heirs of the former Cafés Cantantes, venues that started to appear in the main cities of Spain during XIX century. They occupied La Rambla, El Paralelo and Sant Pau in Barcelona, called the "Flamenco Golden Triangle" of Barcelona. Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, known in Barcelona as "El Tablao de Las Ramblas", is a historical venue, successor of this tradition and a part of the city's history.

Flamenco is a communion of the universal senses of the individual. The intimacy, the warmth and the closeness are the defining elements of a tablao. They imbue the spectator with the depth of this culture thanks to a singular venue, a privileged window to the heart of flamenco, the tablao.

The intimate language of flamenco demands a special environment with some necessary requirements in order to be understood in all its depth.

• The meeting of no more than 180 people around the show, in a way that imitates the familiar flamenco parties, where this art was born and transmitted. It creates a dynamic where this crucial part of flamenco is learnt, a part that cannot be learnt in academies,which makes it so special. The humble wicker chairs and the small tables are part of this environment and spirit.

• Its vaulted architecture, similar to a cave, amplifies the characteristic sound of flamenco acoustically, clean and free of the distortion caused by microphones and electronic amplification systems.

• The creativeness of the artists, their improvisation, the mistery of the "Duende" which can only be found in a Tablao, far from choreographies. We understand "Duende" as that decisive point of the improvisation and compenetration between the artists, who inspire each other and create through inspiration, dialoguing in a way that cannot be taught, learnt in the family and only seen on stage in a tablao. Furthermore, the new generations of flamenco artists add a prodigious and high skilled technique.

With more than 6 million visitors and producing flamenco shows since 1970, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is a reference and a meeting point for the best artists of this art and it has become an essential step for all those who wish to make the jump to the elite. Since 1970 in Las Ramblas, in the heart of the city, where the theatres and clubs have been historically located. Tablao Flamenco Cordobes has always brought the best artists of every era. The legendaries Camarón and Farruco, for example, performed on the stage of this historical venue. As did as well Chocolate, Fernanda y Bernarda, Terremoto, and so many other legends.

To this day, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes can take pride in having brought to its stage most of the current stars of flamenco, both well-established artists and young talents: Israel Galván, La Yerbabuena, Miguel Poveda, Pastora Galván, El Farru, José Maya, Olga Pericet, Marcos Flores… The list is endless.

Any day that you choose to visit us, you will enjoy in the presence of top performers. That is our guarantee to you.

History of Tablao

The Tablao Flamenco , heirs of the Cafés Cantantes of the nineteenth century , occupy in the history of this art a place of consideration and respect.

About us?

46 years of history, the commitment of Luis and Irene has continued in a similar struggle to create an honest and genuine area of ​​flamenco.


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