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Tapas Tasting Service, traditional and vegan

So traditional, so current. In Spain, a tapa is an aperitif that is served in bars and restaurants to accompany the drink. It is common in many regions of our country to go out to dinner or to eat with tapas, a form of eating that is also referred to as "picar" or "picotear".

Over the years and due to the modernization of cuisine, tapas have become a symbol of Spanish identity and are offered at the reception banquets of the highest dignitaries. For example, during the Madrid Peace Conference, Reina Sofía and the Mayor of the city invited Raísa Gorbachova to a drink with a tapa during her visit to the Spanish capital.

In Tablao Flamenco Cordobes we want to approach this wonderful custom of our country and, faithful to our standards of quality and authenticity, we offer a tapas tasting service that includes some of the most representative tapas of our country, as well as some novelties that create new and sensational harmonies.

We offer you two types of tasting: the traditional tapas tasting menu and the tasting menu of vegan tapas. Both options include at least 10 types of tapas of the highest quality. Elaborated with dedication by our kitchen team, the tasting follows a thread that will transport you to the most emblematic corners of our geography: from the refreshing Andalusian salmorejo to the coasts of Galicia where you will taste the wonderful pulpo à feira; the classic patatas bravas, typical of our country in its Murcian version and the Valencian paella, which does not need presentation and which is also offered in its vegan version.

A varied, traditional and very tasty service that you can enjoy in our exclusive dining rooms with views to Las Ramblas. Decorated by official restorers of La Alhambra in Granada, the restaurant of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is a faithful reproduction of the Nasrid art of Andalusia from the sixteenth century. An exquisite and welcoming atmosphere that recalls the influences of Mudejar music in flamenco.

To see in detail the Tasting services of Tablao Flamenco Cordobes (traditional and vegan) you just have to click on any of the two images that appear at the end of this text.

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Traditional Tapas

11 tapas tasting of typical Spanish and Catalan overlooking the Ramblas.

Vegan Tapas

Take advantage of our tapas tasting vegan overlooking the Ramblas.


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