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What is a flamenco show in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona?

The flamenco show presented in Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona is an authentic flamenco show, faithful to its roots and with a guaranteed presence of the best flamenco artists of the current panorama. It is considered as the most important flamenco show of Barcelona by experts and fans of this art alike for its history as well as for its artistic quality. If you want to see authentic and high quality flamenco, Tablao Flamenco Cordobes Barcelona is your place.

What do I have to know about a flamenco show?

A flamenco show does not follow a script, it does not tell a particular story, it talks about the human nature, or simply about everyday life. Flamenco is music and dance in its purest form. The “cante jondo” (deep singing), so difficult to appreciate, can be a wail, a roar, a moan, a laugh... The lyrics are usually small poems of popular origin or verses from great poets of Spanish literature. The singer elaborates on them according to his inspiration and how he feels, with no other restraint than rhythm and the singing style he has chosen.

The songs speak about love towards a partner or the mother, about homesickness and rage from prison or heartbreak. There are also songs for farm labors or terrible laments from the depths of the mines. They can transmit joy and delight, and sometimes they become screams of pure pain. Flamenco music styles, known as "Palos", form a complex genealogic tree with many types of cantes (flamenco singing styles), characterized by different rhythm baselines and tonalities, and they can also be different depending on their geographical origin.

On the basis of the music rhythm -magical connecting thread-, the artists experiment, inspire, contrast and accompany each other combining the voice, the guitar and the dance while they develop together the show. That ability to improvise is an essential part of flamenco that cannot be found in a theatre's choreographies nor in an audiovisual show. That is something that can only be lived in a Tablao.

That is the reason why you shouldn't be surprised when you are politely asked to keep quiet. That signal will tell you that you are enjoying a true flamenco show. The rhythm is sacred, and nothing must blur or disrupt it in order for the coordination between the artists to be precise and brilliant.